Three (3) Essential Cryptocurrency Trading Tools


Every trader or intending trader needs certain tools to aid them through the market. This tools would give you a head start as a cryptocurrency trader:

You don’t need to display monitors like you see on social media what you need is a quality desktop or laptop and data.
Mobile phone trading is overrated. It benefits the exchanger who wants to keep you addicted to trading, I have never seen anyone who makes proper market analysis using the micro chart shown on mobile trading applications.

To be an effective trader, you would need a charting platform to properly analyse the market accurately. The platform offers advance trading tools and software to fine tune and help you see the chart clearly.
I personally use, it is a cloud based charting platform with an awesome community of traders sharing ideas.

An essential tool in your journey as a cryptocurrency trader is a trading journal.
A trading journal enables you track and stay focus on your set goals with clarity, accountability and discipline. It serves as a documentation of your progress, ups and downs in the market and gives you opportunity to analyse, review and plan forward.
Your journal keeps you accountable to yourself because you can always go back to your journal to find areas you should improve on.

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