Making Profit as an Investor – The Know-How (Updated)


Few days ago, I went to have coffee in my favorite coffee stand. I got talking and laughing with an old friend who I met there.
This is someone who never took Cryptocurrency serious and There he was sharing his crypto investment journey with me.
It was easy for me to understand him as one of the lessons 2020 brought to us is to have a skill that enables you make money online.

Everyone wants to make money and make profit. Yes, that is true and there are strategies to making profit as an investor in the crypto market.

There are two basic strategy in place to making profit through your investment; capital gains or cash flow. Actually, different investment strategy produces different income streams.
The beauty of investing is that you can make a profit through capital gains or cash flow.

Capital Gains

This is buying a crypto asset and selling it for a higher price e.g you buy Bitcoin at $20,000 afterwards, the price for Bitcoin moved to $ 41,000 and you decide to sell at a $21,000 profit.
In capital gains investing you buy below an assets real value, wait for asset growth and sell it at maturity.

Cash Flow

This is earned when returns are sent to you monthly or annually for holding a particular asset. Cash flow investing remains a favorite income stream among long term investors because dividends are paid regardless of the market’s direction.
Cash flow profit is also known as passive income or dividends.

You should be deliberate on what type of income you want to produce. However in all of it, your journey to it all begins with your knowledge of Cryptocurrency Investments, which is why we’ve put together a course on the subject matter to get you started.

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Taking this course also gives you access to our mastermind group on WhatsApp/Telegram where you get to meet and chat with investors like you, who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you. Get started right away!

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself, the more you learn, the more you earn. – Warren Buffet


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