About Us

It is our desire to teach you how to trade and invest in Cryptocurrencies in easy and fun ways so as to help you meet your financial goals.
Gilbert Joekpata
CEO - Smart Investors Lodge

Our core services

Investment/Trading Consulting

We offer advice on strategic investments to individuals and organizations. Testimonies abound of individuals in the lodge who have become Millionaires in dollars by taking advantage of our investment guidelines.

Cryptocurrency Trading/Investment Academy

We offer training course in Cryptocurrency trading as well as in investing. Oiur free beginner’s guide to Cryptocurrency trading is enough to get you started.

Blockchain Research

As a research oriented organization, we carryout research in Cryptocurrencies for both individuals and organizations.

Coaching and Mentorship

Trading and investing in Cryptocurrency requires discipline. Would you want a one-on-one coaching and mentorship? We got you covered.

Trade Signals

Testimonies abound of individuals who have made huge gains by taking advantage of our Premium Signal Group on WhatsApp and Telegram. We provide entry and exit points while you make the gains.

At Smart Investors Lodge, we are committed to transforming you from zero to pro in your cryptocurrency trading/investment journey. We introduce you to cryptocurrency investing/trading in simple and fun ways.

We are dedicated to providing mentorship to individuals for successful investing/trading, empowering you to create a source of income and control it.

With Smart Investors Lodge, you are sure of a smooth ride in your Cryptocurrency trading/investment adventure. Let’s ride together.

Meet Our CEO

Gilbert Joekpata

Gilbert Joekpata – CEO, Smart Investors Lodge

I am the story of a man who found a way to make money online.

My name is Gilbert Joekpata, I am an Independent Trader, Value Investor and Serial Intrapreneur.

In my own uniqueness, I share the mistakes I made on my journey to profitable trading/investing and online business so that you can learn from them and avoid them. What is the point of making my old mistakes? I am experienced to guide you on what works and doesn’t in the market.

Over the years I’ve taught friends and students who’s results now makes me proud. I share proven investment and trading strategies that works, and these I desire to share with you.

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